Before I could start looking for venues I came up with my budget. When asking Chris about a budget his response was “There is no budget darling. Whatever you want, we will get!” Which I knew to be false! We all need to start with some sort of budget, whether it is $10,000 or $100,000.

It is known to be tradition that the bride’s parents pay for the wedding and the groom’s family pays for the rehearsal. In some cases that is not true. Many couples pay for their own weddings. In our case we are paying for the majority and my parents gave us a lump sum of money that we could put toward the wedding or anything else we chose to do.

Chris and I have both been saving up and felt we could pay for the wedding ourselves and keep the money for the honeymoon or possibly a down payment on a house in the future… ( we are always thinking ahead!)

Whether you or your parents are paying or your wedding is being funded by multiple sources; it is important to keep the budget at a comfortable and reasonable amount, while still leaving some cushion for splurges. This is YOUR day after all and you don’t want to look back and think “I wish I had!”

One way to keep the budget down is keeping the guest count low. The more people you have, the more money and it adds up fast! Another way to keep costs down is having a Friday, Sunday or Saturday afternoon wedding. Most venues and vendors charge the most for Saturday evenings since that is the most popular day/time to get married.

Lastly, if you opt to get married during an off season month (usually December- March, depending on your region), many venues tend to give discounts. Always ask if they give discounts for certain days or months!

Just remember money is a touchy subject along with family. If your family is anything like mine there will be a lot of talking (loudly) and emotional conversation. Remember you have two families and many different wedding traditions on each side. You cannot make everyone happy, but remember the people who are paying for the wedding should have some say in aspects of the wedding.

For Chris and I, this was a sore subject since his family is small and mine is fairly large. My family wants as elaborate as you can make it, where his family is simple, but elegant. Ultimately, we had to find a happy medium --after all that is what marriage is about…meeting half way!