On to week #2! I am happy to tell everyone I lost 3 pounds this week! whoohoo!

This week is a big week! I did my first training session and like I said in the last post I thought about cancelling a million times. I am so out of shape and I was embarrassed to show that. I quickly found out it was not as bad as what I was expecting!

We did a lot of circuit exercises that really worked my whole body. It was a great workout. I could instantly feel I was going to be sore the next day, but I didn’t feel like a contestant on the Biggest Loser after a last chance workout.

I also kept up with all my cardio workouts and next week we will increase the intensity. YIKES! I cannot even run a mile without having to walk at some point, but I’m hoping to look back on this while running a 5k or even a marathon!

Let’s see if I can get there!

This week was all about cutting soda out of my diet. I LOVE DIET COKE! It is my drug of choice! I can drink up to 3, sometimes 4, cans a day. I didn’t drink it every day but definitely most days. So bad habit number 2 gone! I didn’t have one sip the whole week and I didn’t die!

It took a few days of withdrawal, but my willpower is strong and I made it through those dark stormy clouds a little grumpy, but I saw the light! I no longer crave it and I have no problem ordering a water at a restaurant these days.

Also, no bread or pasta again this week. I’m hanging on. So from now on, no bread, pasta OR soda. The main thing for me is using soda with alcoholic drinks. I found champagne to have the least amount of carbs so if/when I do have a drink, I stick to that!