Week 3 is finished. Down another 2 pounds! Whoo-hoo! I am liking this steady 2 pound deal here. Thanks to Elijah for keeping me on track!

Total weight loss is 7 pounds!

My Wedding Bootcamp Fitness Journey Week 3

This week was my first new cardio, not as bad as what I was thinking! I now do intervals just making sure my heart rate is up during those intervals. I can run or walk on an incline to make that happen. Super easy!

Elijah is great with giving me options of different exercises to do to get the same results. Which is great for people who have certain exercises they can’t do due to an injury, etc.

My fish oil was a fail! Has anyone ever tried taking those? First of all, they are like the size of a porterhouse steak -- I thought it was my dinner! Second God help me if it opens before you swallow it, the taste is nauseating.

Anyway, I am done complaining about the pills, if you’re like me, get the gummies! They are a dream come true! I actually look forward to having them, they are the closest thing to candy I’ve had in weeks!

Moral of this week, if there is something you don’t like there are always other options. Whether it is with your diet or exercise, never give up because of one thing because there is always another way to get the same result!