As part of the LIVE experience for "How to Start and Grow a Wedding Planning Business," this course was created at the request of Bootcampers who wanted to learn more about how to convey value when engaging a client who may be comparing the services of multiple wedding coordinators.
It's inevitable when you're starting out that you may be questioning the value of your own services and in doing so, struggling to convey the worth of your services to potential clients. This course outlines the blueprint for how to convey value in your wedding planning services even when you've newly launched your business.
There are definitive action steps that you must take. If you're ready to put in the work, then this course will empower you to understand your worth and develop the confidence necessary to clearly convey that message.

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  For What it's Worth
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This course is included when you enroll in the certificate program "How to Start and Grow a Wedding Planning Business"